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'Everything for the customer'

If necessary, Suiker Unie pulls out all the stops to get a shipment to a customer in time. Sales manager Paul Fest (50) can be very passionate about it: "An emergency situation in the middle of the night? We can manage it. We might have to call a truck driver and get him out of bed, but the delivery will be made."

Fest enjoys the spirit of the company that he joined nine years ago. "People are flexible here, which is very nice."
Mels van der Heiden (50) is similarly proud. As Team Leader Logistics Dinteloord, he is responsible for the logistics planning. "It's like we have been cast in the same mould. We are all willing to support each other. We just drop in on each other and help each other. There is mutual respect. Office, factory, it doesn't matter. We do it together, all of us."
The feeling of Suiker Unie is difficult to describe, according to both Van der Heiden, the 'factory worker' and Fest, the one who is 'smartly dressed'. But it is there. 

Van der Heiden, who has been in the service of Suiker Unie for 31 years: "It is a social company with good remuneration and all kinds of perks. Training courses, preventive medical examinations, you can even get your glasses reimbursed. Suiker Unie really is a part of the area. Of the farmers, of the village."

Fest: "We have become more aware of what we are: a cooperative with a long tradition and history, but also with an open and modern organisation."

Suiker Unie is a two-season business: one with a campaign and one without a campaign