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Sugar and health


Suiker Unie believes it has a responsibility to provide information to the public about a healthy lifestyle, and about the use of sugar in particular. The Western world struggles with the increase of diseases of civilisation such as obesity. Suiker Unie wants to contribute in finding solutions. We

provide information and conduct research.

The Dutch Sugar Foundation is the platform par excellence for these activities. It is the knowledge centre for sugar and nutrition. The foundation researches the relation between sugar consumption and health, provides information and closely monitors consumer behaviour. The foundation wants to contribute to a public debate, giving all parties concerned a chance to voice their views on the role of sugar in our diet.


Suiker Unie increases awareness in other ways. Since 2009, the majority of the retail packages of Van Gilse mention the nutritional value. Attention is drawn on the packaging to the importance of a healthy diet and an active lifestyle. Suiker Unie will further expand this provision of information. The "Guideline Daily Amounts' appears in a prominent place on the packaging.