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Suiker Unie and her employees

The employees are the foundation of Suiker Unie. We are proud of the fact that our employees enjoy working for us and remain in our service for a long time. Often they speak of 'my company'. It is in these people that Suiker Unie wants to invest. Because well-trained and motivated employees are the backbone of our company. That is why Suiker Unie pays considerable attention to training. In this, she appeals to the individual sense of responsibility of the employees.

As a result of automation processes and innovations, the work at Suiker Unie has shifted from traditional workmanship to controlling tasks. The work has become 'high-tech'. The employees grow in tandem with these developments and follow training courses. The expenses are recovered in full. After all, well-trained employees are even better motivated. They will continue to see Suiker Unie as 'their company'.

Suiker Unie is a two-season business: one with a campaign and one without a campaign. The differences are huge. In the campaign period from September till the end of January, the production of sugar from sugar beet takes place. In the rest of the year – the 'intercampaign' – there is time for innovation, maintenance and preparations for the next campaign.
That means that someone who is a process operator in the winter, could be a mechanic in the summer. And those carrying out laboratory tests during the campaign, can be found doing carpentry or paintwork during the intercampaign.
In the period of the campaign, there are about 100 additional employees in the sugar factory. It is a challenge to have enough qualified people at the start of the campaign each year.