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Above all, sustainability means we extract as much value as possible from the sugar beet. Sugar beet are the main source of our sugar and sugar products. We also produce animal feed from the beet but we want to get even more out of them, for example by producing bio-energy.

Suiker Unie's mission is to be the best at maximising the value and sustainability of all components of the sugar beet for its customers, growers and staff.

Suiker Unie is working with its growers and partners on a better future. We are doing so by continuously improving the local growth and production of food and other useful materials from sugar beet, with respect for people and the planet.

To Suiker Unie, a better future entails:
•    Climate control and the closure of mineral cycles in combination with the biobased economy. In the longer term, products based on fossil oil will be replaced with products made from renewable materials produced, for example, at local farms.
•    Food security instead of food shortage.
•    Higher yields per hectare so that scarce raw materials can be used for food, energy and chemicals.

We are working hard on lowering our emissions and energy consumption and making more efficient use of fertilisers and pesticides to grow sugar beet. Production of renewable energy in the form of green gas is a key goal.
  • 20 million m³ of green gas in 2014.
  • 50% reduction in energy consumption and associated sugar production emissions during the term to achieve the European goals under the Kyoto protocol (1990-2020)
  • 30% CO2 emission reduction from sugar transport by 2014 relative to the Lean & Green reference year of 2009.