Quality and certification

Suiker Unie’s quality control begins with the growers. Only growers with food safety certification can supply beet to Suiker Unie. Certification guarantees, for example, that the beet are not grown in polluted soil. The growers are also inspected and audited to ensure they use only the correct amount of permitted fertilisers. Certification also ensures that the growers use beet seeds that meet Suiker Unie’s demanding standards.



Suiker Unie’s quality management system puts the customers’ demands and wishes first. Food safety is a key concern. We have implemented an effective HACCP system to guarantee food safety. Our factories are all certified to  ISO 22000 standard. The Dutch factories work to British Retail Consortium (BRC) standards and some are International Food Standard (IFS) certified (both the BRC and the IFS are tailored to the needs of suppliers to supermarkets). The factory in Anklam has been awarded FSSC 22000 Food Safety System Certification. All animal feed producers are certified to their local standards, ether GMP+ or QS.

Our quality control is not limited to our own processes. Our beet growers and the suppliers of other raw materials, technical equipment, packaging materials and services are very closely involved in our quality and food safety systems.

Other certificates
- ISO 14001 environmental certification

Tracking & Tracing (T&T)
Our raw materials and end products can be traced throughout all stages of their production. Suiker Unie has introduced an automated Tracking & Tracing (T&T) system that can rapidly pinpoint how a product was made and where it is located, from beet field to silo and from silo to customer. This means Suiker Unie satisfies the General Food Law (GFL) traceability requirements for food and animal feed and complies with ISO and BRC standards. The T&T system generates critical information 24 hours a day.

Total Productive Maintenance (TPM)
An optimal production process is fundamental to a sustainable operation. Suiker Unie is a committed advocate of Total Productive Maintenance (TPM). Our staff work in TPM teams to maintain and improve our production and quality systems. TPM boosts productivity and cuts losses and waste.

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