Sugar for industry

Suiker Unie offers its industrial customers an extensive range of sieved granulated, processed and liquid sugars. We can draw on over a hundred years’ know-how and experience in the sugar industry. Suiker Unie is the natural partner to help your company use sugar and sugar applications in its production processes

By learning all about your business, we can formulate our products precisely to match the properties of your production process. We can also work with you to enhance your product development, logistics and corporate sustainability.

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Unique sweet taste

Sugar provides the unique sweet taste of many foodstuffs.
The fine balance of sweet and sour sauces, for example, would be impossible without sugar. The particle size of the sugar determines the volume and the lightness and crispiness of cakes and biscuits. Sugar gives baked goods their distinctive volume and texture. And in many traditional applications such as jam, sugar acts as a preservative.

Granulated sugar
Icing sugar
Soft sugar
Liquid products