The staff and their managers make full use of training opportunities. A true training culture has evolved at Suiker Unie. On average, every member of staff enjoys five training days a year.


The courses are geared to knowledge acquisition in both engineering and technology and in more general disciplines such as agriculture, purchasing, finance, commerce and P&O. They also contribute to career development and personal growth.

Suiker Unie has an annual training plan that is prepared using input from the staff and managers. The plan sets out the training needs and wishes for each member of staff. It comprises official courses (from intermediate vocational to university level), courses of varying length, and workplace learning. The diversity reflects the many sides of our operations.

Our operations are becoming more and more complex, bespoke training is essential if we are to continue carrying them out smartly. Suiker Unie works closely with training institutions to tailor the courses to its needs. The institutions in turn benefit from Suiker Unie’s state of the art technology and engineering facilities.