Work placements and graduation projects

Suiker Unie benefits from its intake of young talent. That is why we invest in the development of interns and student. About 30 to 40 students work at Suiker Unie every year. They carry out real assignments that add valuable to our business. Work placements and graduation projects are therefore even more enjoyable, interesting and inspirational at Suiker Unie.

Internships (in Dutch)

Intermediate and higher vocational students and university undergraduates are welcome at Suiker Unie. All disciplines are represented in our operations, not only process technology and engineering, but also commerce, R&D, P&O, F&C and agriculture. Students work on the shop floor and learn on the job about how we operate. They carry out assignments that complement their studies and generate value for our organisation.

Suiker Unie is convinced that the new knowledge and critical, fresh look provided by students in combination with the many years’ experience of our staff can lead to even better results. A work placement is often a step towards a fulfilling career at Suiker Unie.