Suiker Unie wins 2019 FNLI award

Suiker Unie won the 2019 FNLI award on 10 October. The Dutch Food Industry Federation (FNLI) introduced the award this year for people or teams that go to extraordinary lengths to raise innovative initiatives or projects to a higher level. The award recognises Suiker Unie as a ‘front runner in the food industry’.

Suiker Unie was presented with the award for its 'En Route with Green Gas' project, in which it has started to operate bulk trucks with gas engines instead of diesel engines. Thanks to recent technological advances, gas engines are now powerful enough to pull heavy trucks. Suiker Unie is the largest producer of green gas in the Netherlands, producing 25 million m3 of green gas every year. It is currently operating five bulk trucks that run exclusively on its own biogas. The gas-powered bulk trucks emit 90% less CO2 than diesel trucks. This is equal to 160 tonnes of CO2 per truck per annum. In comparison with a Euro 6 diesel truck, moreover, emissions of fine particulates and nitrogen oxide are 75% to 90% lower.

The driving force behind 'En Route with Green Gas' is Ad Jansen, logistics executive at Suiker Unie. He is constantly seeking improvements to make the transportation of sugar as safe and as sustainable as possible.

Suiker Unie was nominated for the FNLI award together with Euroma and Lipton (Unilever). The participants in the FNLI’s annual conference in Amersfoort on 10 October then selected Suiker Unie as the winner.

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